At Hosting 4 Marketing we have focused on providing exclusive domain names registration services. Take a look at the domain names video demonstration to view the key benefits of having a fresh domain name with Hosting 4 Marketing.

We have now special contracts with just about the most popular domain name registration companies, meaning that we can feature cheaper domain name registration prices as compared to the competition. And due to these agreements, we will offer you a absolutely free domain name registration or domain name transfer with each and every cloud hosting plans package.

We’ve at the same time designed a different domain operations interface – Hosting 4 Marketing’s Domain Name Manager. It’s designed to become the single place you have to go for all your domain name managing requirements. You can expect easy control over a number of domain names concurrently, comprehensive whois control, rapid domain name redirection plus more.

For those, who wish an enhanced amount of security regarding their domain names, we provide the Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection service. It allows you to hide your individual info within the whois information, successfully decreasing the possibilities for domain name theft.

From our Domain Manager, you can even grab an SSL Certificate for your site, it doesn’t matter if it’s hosted with us or not. We provide you with simultaneously regular SSL certificates which are good for a particular host and then wildcard SSL certificates, that you can use for a variety of hostnames.