InnoDB is a very popular database storage engine for the MySQL DBMS. It is an alternative to the default MyISAM engine and it has plenty of strengths which make it the preferred engine for a lot of PHP script-powered applications, including Joomla and Magento, which have moved to InnoDB for good. For example, adding immense data volumes will be much faster with InnoDB, as it locks only a single database row to carry out a certain task, not the entire database table, which makes the engine excellent for scalable applications. It also supports foreign keys and database transactions – these refer to the way in which the data is treated. Simply put, importing new or editing existent data will either be thoroughly completed, or will be aborted and the procedure will be rolled back if a given problem appears during the process, so the content that remains in the database won’t be damaged.
InnoDB in Cloud Hosting
You will be able to run any PHP script-driven software application that requires InnoDB if you’ve got a cloud hosting plan with our company, as the database storage engine is available on our leading-edge cloud website hosting platform by default. During the app activation – manual or automatic, InnoDB will be selected as the default engine and the setup process will continue impeccably if this engine is required. You can install applications that require the MyISAM engine without any problem as well and, again, the engine will be selected automatically, so you won’t have to edit any setting manually at any moment. Furthermore, we will also create daily backups of all the databases that you’ve got in your shared hosting account, so if you erase or overwrite something, we can easily restore it the way it was on any of the previous seven days.