Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book manager, which provides you with an intuitive method to easily integrate your personal photo gallery within your web site, regardless of whether you’re managing a modest personal web site or a vast community site.

Gallery has a fully–fledged admin section, that will ensure that you get full command over your pic gallery. It will be easy to add users and groups, to enable and turn off extensions, to take care of feedback and watermark controls, and so on. A built–in online editor will let you make albums, to upload photos and films, to rearrange and/or rotate photos, to label albums/photos, to revise photo album permissions, to upload watermarks and more.

Gallery–Optimized Cloud Hosting Plans Services

If you are seeking for a Gallery cloud hosting plans vendor that will allow for your site to be online twenty–four–seven and will supply you with all the room you will need for your own photos, you are at the perfect place. At Hosting 4 Marketing we provide designed Gallery cloud hosting plans solutions with 99.9% service uptime guaranteed. We offer you limitless disk space, unrestricted traffic and limitless MySQL usage, so that your gallery and web site can grow without you ever having to worry about it.

We will in addition deploy as well as configure Gallery on your behalf right from signup, so that it will be ready for you to start working with it as soon as you log into your hosting account. What’s even more, we offer you 24x7 support. In case you come upon virtually any difficulties with your Gallery website or with the hosting service, don’t hesitate to call us – the typical answer time for our support team is below 20 min.

A Point & Click Online Control Panel

At Hosting 4 Marketing we provide you an easy–to–use option to control your Gallery web sites. Bundled with every Gallery cloud hosting plans pack, you will find our custom Online Control Panel. Built by Hosting 4 Marketing for us, it provides exceptional performance as well as steadiness in comparison with alternative control panel interfaces. Last but not least, it lets you be in charge of both your website as well as your domain name from a single place.

Within our Control Panel you will find lots of invaluable software instruments and bonus applications to help you with your existing web site together with all your upcoming websites. Using our File Manager you will be able to upload files by dragging & dropping them in your own Internet browser. Hosting 4 Marketing’s Domain Name Manager will let you maintain a large number of domain names at once. Hosting 4 Marketing’s Stats Manager will start collecting customer info for your website the instant it goes live.